Kickoff 2016

When FIRST released the manual for Stronghold, we made it our mission to know the manual and the rules inside and out. For the following two days, we went over the manual in detail by taking it apart and dissecting each individual section as a team. If there were any concerns from our mentors or team members, we sent in questions to Chief Delphi. To ensure that each team member was comfortable with the rules and regulations of Stronghold, we were briefly quizzed on the manual.   

When we began to speak about strategies and design for our potential robot, we split into groups with a veteran team member leading the discussion. During these one hour meetings the rookies were asked to come up with ideas for intake, outtake, and pivot. Veterans added their input and steered the conversation accordingly. In between these one hour sessions, mentors would come in, check on the groups, and give suggestions. Once there were substantial designs for each category, we reconvened in one room. Then, the rookies presented their design with corresponding diagrams. These designs were debated amongst the team and aspects of each design were incorporated into the robot we planned to build.